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Tag: game studies

Guest Lecture at Whittier College

This talk is associated with the “Numb3rs in Lett3rs & Fi1ms” undergraduate course taught by Professors Mark Kozek (Mathematics) and Rafael Chabrán (Spanish), and is open to the Whittier campus. I’ll be discussing how femininity warps the digitization of subjectivity because of the all the cultural baggage people bring when they invoke it.

Ignite! at Comic Con

Some colleagues and I had the pleasure of presenting at the 2011 San Diego Comic Con, as part of the academic Comic Arts Conference that is associated with the Con. I can’t tell you what a pleasure it was to be able to get my cosplay AND academic geek on at the same time!! Our panel was on graphic representations of Otherness. Here’s the description: Authors such as Scott McCloud and W. J. T. Mitchell have argued for the ways in which graphic narratives manipulate ideas through both image and… Read more Ignite! at Comic Con

Declaration of Independence from Video Game Studies

Last night I posted my Pledge of Allegiance to Video Game Studies, part of a graduate seminar I’m taking on Feminism and Colorblindness in the Disciplines. Here is the counterpart to the assignment: a Declaration of Independence. Once I thought through some of the things that the discipline asks of me as a scholar, I needed to break down the aspects of that methodology that might produce problematic readings and to declare my independence from those tactics. I’m really digging the notion of strategic disloyalty that this class encourages us… Read more Declaration of Independence from Video Game Studies

Pledge of Allegiance to Video Game Studies

I’m taking a class called “Feminism and Colorblindness in the Disciplines,” which is part of a series of seminars across the country organized by, among others, KimberlĂ© Crenshaw, that investigates ideologies of colorblindness and ways to do effective intersectional work in the disciplines. This class has really forced me to think about what it means to be a part of a discipline in any meaningful way. Part of the course requirements is to write a short Pledge of Allegiance to and Declaration of Independence from your discipline. The idea is… Read more Pledge of Allegiance to Video Game Studies

Brief Comments on PCA/ACA 2011

Just made it back from the mind-boggling and overwhelming National PCA/ACA 2011 conference in San Antonio, where I was privileged to present some continuations of the thoughts on Bayonetta that I began to develop here on the HASTAC Scholars blog as part of the “Re(de)fining Sexuality in Games” panel. My fellow panelists and I mostly took gaming culture to task for being strongholds of gender normativity and policing, although I admit that much of my frustration is still angled at game studies scholars themselves. One thing that really hobbled my… Read more Brief Comments on PCA/ACA 2011