Media and Interviews

On this page, you’ll find a collection of guest appearances in podcasts and streams, media conversations about my work, and things I’ve made. Please see my Research and Publications page for recorded talks. Content divided into Podcasts/Streams, In the Media, and Things I’ve Made.

Podcasts and Streams

Minecraft with Dr. Josef Nguyen. 7 Nov 2019. For Georgetown University Intro to Game Studies class. Stream with Dr. Josef Nguyen to talk about his article, “Performing as Video Game Players in Let’s Plays,”


Looking for Good: The Binding of Isaac Feat. Dr. Amanda Phillips. 23 Oct 2019. Hosted by Kyle and Raf. Halloween themed episode, talking about death, body horror, religion, menstruation, and gender. If you’re an Isaac fan, there’s at least one charmed run and an epic victory against Satan after the dice room gave us cursed eye. But also: lots and lots of death.


Not Your Mama’s Gamer #196: The Games and Sh*t Episode: Talking #30Games90Days and the Struggle of Game Studies. 28 July 2019. With TreaAndrea Russworm and Angela Rain Kim. Hosted by Samantha Blackmon and Alisha Karabinus. A fun romp through our summer gameplay challenge and some questions about game studies, coalition, and intellectual inspiration. Also some fecal humor.

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Looking for Good: Mount Your Friends Feat. Dr. Amanda Phillips. 10 July 2019. Hosted by Daniel and Raf. Mount Your Friends, masculinity, queerness, and dicks in video games.


Imagine Otherwise Ep. 24: Amanda Phillips on Critical Digital Humanities. 16 Nov 2016. Hosted by Cathy Hannabach. Chatting about transforming DH, technology, and video games.

In the Media

Rationalizing Brutality: The Cultural Legacy of the Headshot. Jacob Geller. 9 Jun 2019. An exploration/explosion/expansion of “Shooting to Kill.”

Game Studies Study Buddies 10: Phillips – Shooting To Kill. Cameron Kunzelman and Michael Lutz. Review/discussion of “Shooting to Kill.” 30 Mar 2019.

Things I’ve Made

“Ain’t That a Witch,” femslash vid created for the Queerness and Games Conference, Berkeley, CA, 2013.

“Second Annual Research Slam,” research showcase for the Transcriptions Center (formerly the Literature.Culture.Media Center) at the University of California, Santa Barbara, 2009.

Bonus Content

Thanks for scrolling! Here are weird/random things I’ve done on the Internet. I’ll add more as I find them.