#2016ASA Digital Humanities Panels List

A nighttime mural scene: in neon colors, a tree in front of a giant fish. The bottom half is a neon waterscape with coal. The fish is both in and out of the water.

The DH Caucus of the American Studies Asssociation presents a list of the digital humanities panels at #2016ASA. If you'd like something to be added to the list, please feel free to contact me at amanda dot phillips at georgetown dot edu. Looking forward to seeing everyone in Denver this weekend! https://github.com/nolauren/ASA_DH/blob/master/DH_Panels_2016.md Image credit: "Alley …

ModLab on the BBC!

A split screen. On the left side, a white woman and white man performing in front of velvet ropes. On the right, a virtual scene with a male and female avatar mimicking their actions.

One of ModLab's projects, Play the Knave, was just featured on the BBC as part of their coverage of the 400th anniversary of Shakespeare's death. The game is something like Shakespeare Karaoke powered by Kinect: two actors choose their avatars, costumes, and scene, then control the avatars' movements in real time while speaking their lines. …

Digital Humanities Futures: #transformDH, #2015ASA, #QGCon, Pt. 1

Stitched text that reads #transformDH, with an LED shining through the O. Logo/stitching: Melissa Rogers Photo: Reed Bonnet

(featured image - Logo/stitching: Melissa Rogers, Photo: Reed Bonnet) I've just returned from a three-conference streak to kick off fall quarter, and each event left me with so much to say that I'm struggling a bit with where to start. Over the next couple of days, I'll talk about my experiences of each one in …

Guest Lecture at Whittier College

This talk is associated with the "Numb3rs in Lett3rs & Fi1ms" undergraduate course taught by Professors Mark Kozek (Mathematics) and Rafael Chabrán (Spanish), and is open to the Whittier campus. I'll be discussing how femininity warps the digitization of subjectivity because of the all the cultural baggage people bring when they invoke it.