#wikiRAG16: Race and Video Games

A picture of a PS3 controller laying on a table. The text reads "Race and Video Games Wikipedia Edit-a-Thon. Meet up with fellow gamers in person and remotely at UC Davis and University of Texas at Dallas to improve information about race and video games on Wikipedia! Friday, October 14 3:00-6:00pm, Dubin Classroom, Lau 1. library.georgetown.edu/events

I'm long overdue for an update, but I'll break my silence by encouraging everyone to check out the Race and Video Games Wikipedia Edit-a-Thon I'll be hosting a Georgetown, with accompanying events at the University of Texas at Dallas (hosted by Josef Nguyen and the Feminist Maker Space) and at the University of California, Davis …


Gaming Race: Seeking Justice Beyond Representation

Text reads," SCMS Atlanta 2016, Wednesday, March 30 - Sunday, April 3." There is a building from downtown Atlanta in the background.

I'm pleased to announce an upcoming panel at SCMS 2016 in Atlanta, Georgia. I organized this with Kim Bain (Princeton) and Alexandrina Agloro (Worcester Polytechnic), with Kishonna Gray (Eastern Kentucky) responding to our papers. We are hoping to provoke further conversation about racial justice in video games that goes beyond discourses of diversity and inclusion …