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Category: pedagogy

Guest Lecture at Whittier College

This talk is associated with the “Numb3rs in Lett3rs & Fi1ms” undergraduate course taught by Professors Mark Kozek (Mathematics) and Rafael ChabrĂ¡n (Spanish), and is open to the Whittier campus. I’ll be discussing how femininity warps the digitization of subjectivity because of the all the cultural baggage people bring when they invoke it.

GameCamp! by ModLab

Just wanted to give a quick update about a project I have launched in conjunction with Josef Nguyen, Ph.D. Candidate in the Department of English at UC Davis. Last Thursday, we hosted the first of a series of workshops called GameCamp! by ModLab, a year-long game design camp for students, faculty, and staff at UC Davis. We’ve designed the workshops to accommodate those who have little to no programming experience, in the hopes that it will encourage people new to video games to try their hand. In May, we will… Read more GameCamp! by ModLab