#2018ASA DH Caucus: News and Ways to Get Involved at the Conference!

A nighttime time lapse of the Atlanta skyline, with clouds overhead and red and white streaks from car lights on the highways. In the corner, a watermark that reads Rudy Wilms Photography. "Atlanta Skyline from Jackson Street Bridge," by Rudy Wilms. Licensed under CC BY-NC-ND 2.0.

Image: "Atlanta Skyline from Jackson Street Bridge," by Rudy Wilms. Licensed under CC BY-NC-ND 2.0. (scroll to the bottom for a TL;DR of important dates, times, and links) The American Studies Association annual meeting is quickly approaching. As DH methods continue to spread across the disciplines, folks affiliated with the ASA and the NWSA (which …

Keynote Presentation: Pacific Rim Conference, University of Alaska Anchorage

Conference poster for the 2018 Pacific Rim Conference, feature an image of a tree with a trunk that looks like a human figure. The two keynotes, Amanda Phillips and Emily Madsen, are featured with headshots at the bottom of the poster. Relevant conference information is included in the blog text.

I'm very excited and grateful to be traveling to Anchorage, Alaska this weekend for the 2018 Pacific Rim Conference held by the Department of English. I'll be giving the Friday morning keynote: "Interdisciplinary Trouble: Adapting Game Studies for Queer and Women of Color Feminist Critique." I'll also be hosting a game design pedagogy workshop on …

#2016ASA Digital Humanities Panels List

A nighttime mural scene: in neon colors, a tree in front of a giant fish. The bottom half is a neon waterscape with coal. The fish is both in and out of the water.

The DH Caucus of the American Studies Asssociation presents a list of the digital humanities panels at #2016ASA. If you'd like something to be added to the list, please feel free to contact me at amanda dot phillips at georgetown dot edu. Looking forward to seeing everyone in Denver this weekend! https://github.com/nolauren/ASA_DH/blob/master/DH_Panels_2016.md Image credit: "Alley …

Gaming Race: Seeking Justice Beyond Representation

Text reads," SCMS Atlanta 2016, Wednesday, March 30 - Sunday, April 3." There is a building from downtown Atlanta in the background.

I'm pleased to announce an upcoming panel at SCMS 2016 in Atlanta, Georgia. I organized this with Kim Bain (Princeton) and Alexandrina Agloro (Worcester Polytechnic), with Kishonna Gray (Eastern Kentucky) responding to our papers. We are hoping to provoke further conversation about racial justice in video games that goes beyond discourses of diversity and inclusion …

Digital Humanities Futures: #transformDH, #2015ASA, #QGCon, Pt. 2

Stitched text that reads #transformDH, with an LED shining through the O. Logo/stitching: Melissa Rogers Photo: Reed Bonnet

The yacking at THATCamp #transformDH, however, was centered around hacking the technologies of academia: institutional hierarchies, funding applications, underequipped classrooms, peer review, and more. These might not immediately be recognizable as "technologies" in the THATCamp sense, but the skills necessary to master them are elusive, particularly for the underrepresented groups of people who are drawn to the #transformDH community. These sessions more than "mere" conversations about how the structures of academia frustrate social justice work in academia: they are training and strategy sessions for how to use the resources available to us to do the work that is necessary for meaningful transformation.