Podcasts and Streams and Games, oh my!

With Gamer Trouble headed into production this summer (!!), I’ve been working on some of the more fun stuff of game studies research: playing games, trying my hand at streaming, and doing podcasts!

I’ve been participating in the #30games90days challenge started by TreaAndrea Russworm and Angela Rain Kim with a number of other game studies folks, which has prodded me into spending more time tackling my backlog than I ordinarily would. As Bo Ruberg recently mentioned on twitter, game studies folks often get so caught up in the reading/writing/teaching aspects of our jobs that “playing games” gets left behind. #30games90days has given me an opportunity to make a list of things to play this summer. I made a mix of games to play for work and for pleasure, with goals ranging from completion to a few hours to get a feel for them. I’ll paste my list at the end of this post. Thus far I am failing miserably at hitting completion, but it’s been fun to challenge myself to play something other than the Binding of Isaac: Afterbirth+ (though I did finally complete all achievements and surpass 800 hours in the game this summer).

Samantha Blackmon and Alisha Karabinus of Not Your Mama’s Gamer had Trea, Angela, and myself on their podcast to talk about #30games90days and other gaming topics. We had some good discussions on playing for work vs. pleasure, what kind of games give us the most intellectual inspiration, and the struggle to build meaningful coalition and collaboration in a field with so many scholars converging around the comparatively few (but very much growing) field of games that “do” race, gender, and so on. Check that podcast out here or on your favorite podcast app: http://www.nymgamer.com/?p=18045

Last but not least, I was invited back to Looking for Good and had a great chat about masculinity, queerness, and dicks in video games while playing (what else?) Mount Your Friends with the LFG crew. They’ve had a lot of cool guests lately, including Bo Ruberg and Ed Chang, and it has me increasingly excited about academic streaming. Perhaps I’ll start playing more on Twitch soon… Check out the archived stream on YouTube:



With classes looming on the horizon, I’ll have to dip back into traditional scholarship soon, but these summer projects have been a fun way to keep the fun and ideas flowing. And with the book on the way, I hope to be able to do more public scholarship like this in the future!

My #30games90days list:

1. Ritual of the Moon
2. Mafia 3
3. Monument Valley 2
4. Phone Story
5. A Mortician’s Tale
6. Phoenix Wright: Dual Destinies
7. Phoenix Wright: Spirit of Justice
8. Binding of Isaac: Afterbirth+
9. Undertale
10. The Stanley Parable
11. Doki Doki Literature Club
12. Dream Daddy
13. Hot Dogs, Horseshoes, and Handgrenades
14. Mount Your Friends
15. 4D Toys
16. Dominique Pamplemousse
17. Night in the Woods
18. Firewatch
19. Goat Simulator
20. Life is Strange
21. Papo & Yo
22. Surgeon Simulator 2013
23. Ori and the Enchanted Forest
24. The Cat and the Coup
25. Fortnite
26. Don’t Starve
27. Beat Saber
28. Ladykiller in a Bind
29. Tacoma
30. Donut County
Professor Layton and the Azran Legacy
Breath of the Wild
Bayonetta 2 co-op
Carly and the Reaper Man
Mount Your Friends 3D

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