#2018ASA DH Caucus: News and Ways to Get Involved at the Conference!

Image: “Atlanta Skyline from Jackson Street Bridge,” by Rudy Wilms. Licensed under CC BY-NC-ND 2.0.

(scroll to the bottom for a TL;DR of important dates, times, and links)

The American Studies Association annual meeting is quickly approaching. As DH methods continue to spread across the disciplines, folks affiliated with the ASA and the NWSA (which is also in Atlanta during the same weekend!) might be looking for ways to connect with the DH community to build their networks, receive training and advice, or find a scholarly home where the study of technology and application of digital methods go hand-in-hand with social justice.

To see what this kind of work looks like, check out the new special issue of American Quarterly, which was negotiated in part by DH Caucus leadership and put together by prominent members of our community. The issue is open access through December: https://muse.jhu.edu/issue/39105

If you’re attending ASA, you can check out the wide range of digital panels at the conference by checking out the guide on Gamer Trouble here or on Google Docs here.

The Caucus also has three sponsored panels:

Digital Shorts

Sat, November 10, 8:00 to 9:45am, Westin Peachtree, Seventh, Augusta 1 (Seventh)

Every year, the Digital Shorts session provides an informal platform for folks to share their work and see what other digital humanities projects are happening in and around ASA. Anyone is welcome to join us. We still have space for more presenters! Sign up here if you’d like to share your work with the community.

Mapping Sweet Auburn: Geo-Locating Atlanta’s Spaces of Black Crisis and Emergence Through Digital Humanities Making

Sat, November 10, 12:00 to 1:45pm, Westin Peachtree, Seventh, Augusta A (Seventh)

This session gathers American Studies Association attendees to help create a mobile tour of the Sweet Auburn neighborhood for Civil Bikes, an activist group that leads bike and walking tours critically engaging the city’s civil rights geographies. The tour will expand Civil Bikes’s capacity to engage Atlantans and visitors to the city in conversations around race, power, and the history of the Sweet Auburn neighborhood. Building the tour during the session will afford participants a hands-on experience in digital humanities making.

Emerging Digital Humanities

Sat, November 10, 2:00 to 3:45pm, Westin Peachtree, Seventh, Augusta A (Seventh)

This roundtable brings together speakers who are pushing DH in new directions, seeding a discussion with the audience about how we might envision the ways that Digital Humanities and American Studies can move forward together. How might the perspectives of American Studies continue to hold DH work accountable to the principles of racial justice, decolonial methods, and trans, queer, and feminist theories? How can we design digital scholarship and pedagogy with such perspectives in mind? Where can we locate and build community with other DH scholars who share similar priorities in their work? How can we put our work in the service of activism and public scholarship?

If you’re a prolific Tweeter and would like to help the caucus by tweeting from a digital session, contact me (@NazcaTheMad) for more information.

If you would like to integrate DH methods into your teaching and research but are unsure where to start, consider signing up for a DH Consultation at the conference with a member of our community. If you have skills to share, please sign up to volunteer an hour of your time as a Consultant! Consultations begin at 6 pm on Friday, November 9, in Piedmont 6, directly after the business meeting. Both signups can be found here: https://katierawson.github.io/dhasa18/

We are always in search of new voices who can help us push the work of the Caucus to pursue racial and disability justice, decolonization, and trans, queer, and feminist methodologies in the digital humanities. Our business meeting and reception are great opportunities to share your ideas and get involved.

Business Meeting

Fri, November 9, 4:00 to 6:00pm, Westin Peachtree, Twelfth, Piedmont 6 (Twelfth)

DH Caucus Reception

Sat, November 10, 5:00 to 7:00pm, Alma Cocina (191 Peachtree St NE)

If you can’t be in Atlanta but want to participate in the business meeting, we are happy to have you via videoconferencing. Please contact me on Twitter (@NazcaTheMad) or via email (amanda dot phillips at georgetown dot edu).

We’re looking forward to seeing you, in person or online, at one of our events in Atlanta. Happy ASA! See below for a concise calendar.


TL;DR: DH Caucus @ #2018ASA

Friday, November 9

2 – 3:45 PM: American Quarterly: American Studies, the Digital Humanities, and a Critically Engaged Digital Practice, Augusta 1

4 – 5 PM: Business Meeting, Piedmont 6

5 – 6 PM: DH Consultations (sign up here for a consultation or to be a consultant), Piedmont 6

Saturday, November 10

8 – 9:45 AM: Digital Shorts (sign up here!), Augusta 1

12 – 1:45 PM: Mapping Sweet Auburn: Geo-Locating Atlanta’s Spaces of Black Crisis and Emergence Through Digital Humanities Making, Augusta A

2 – 3:45 PM: Emerging Digital Humanities, Augusta A

5 – 7 PM: Reception, Alma Cocina (191 Peachtree St NE)

Check out the Digital Humanities Special Issue of American Quarterly: https://muse.jhu.edu/issue/39105

Check out the ASA Digital Panels List: https://gamertrouble.wordpress.com/2018/10/09/2018asa-digital-panels-list/

Sign up to be a Caucus Tweeter: contact @NazcaTheMad


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