ModLab on the BBC!

A split screen. On the left side, a white woman and white man performing in front of velvet ropes. On the right, a virtual scene with a male and female avatar mimicking their actions.

One of ModLab's projects, Play the Knave, was just featured on the BBC as part of their coverage of the 400th anniversary of Shakespeare's death. The game is something like Shakespeare Karaoke powered by Kinect: two actors choose their avatars, costumes, and scene, then control the avatars' movements in real time while speaking their lines. …


Response to Joseph DeLappe’s Killbox

Against a background of a destroyed virtual building, text that reads: Eyes in the Skies: Drones and the Politics of Distance Warfare Tuesday, April 5 12:00-6:00 pm

I participated in the "Eyes in the Skies" Symposium at UC Davis this week, which looked at drones from a variety of perspectives. I had the good fortune to provide a short commentary on Joseph DeLappe's new game project, Killbox. I'm grateful for the organizers who invited me, and for the opportunity to have a …