Georgetown Bound

I’ve been sitting on this for a bit now, but I’m both humbled and excited to announce that I’ll be joining the Department of English at Georgetown University this fall.
The job market is a terrible, dehumanizing experience for most, and I’ve had conflicted feelings about so much: about “success,” about leaving California, about switching from a public to a private institution, about willfully entering the ranks of a privileged class that exists thanks to the labor and exploitation of so many people.
But I believe in the power of knowledge and education to improve the world, and I’m excited that the institution I’m joining, despite its flaws, nevertheless holds a deep and explicit commitment to social justice. I hope to hold it accountable to this commitment and to help instill it into future generations. I also hope the people in my life will help me remain accountable to it, as well.
I don’t believe in the solitary scholar, and I am so, so grateful to the folks who have supported me and guided me on my way: friends, family, advisors, collaborators, colleagues, gym buddies, and more. I couldn’t have made it without you all. Thank you, specifically, to the UC Davis community, which has facilitated my growth from newly-minted PhD to faculty material, and to Shyama Kuver, who continues to teach me new things and hold me accountable to the principles of justice every day.
See you in DC!

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