Gaming Race: Seeking Justice Beyond Representation

I’m pleased to announce an upcoming panel at SCMS 2016 in Atlanta, Georgia. I organized this with Kim Bain (Princeton) and Alexandrina Agloro (Worcester Polytechnic), with Kishonna Gray (Eastern Kentucky) responding to our papers. We are hoping to provoke further conversation about racial justice in video games that goes beyond discourses of diversity and inclusion and into the nuts and bolts of game mechanics, technology, and other structures of power.

Gaming Race: Seeking Justice Beyond Representation

Amanda Phillips: Nothing is True: Racial Hybridity, Manipulated Memory, and White Innocence in Assassin’s Creed III

Alexandrina Agloro: The Perils of Gaming While Brown: The Limitations of Game Worlds in ARGs

Kimberly Bain: Glitches//Black Bodies: “Alright”, Digital Games, and Newly Imagined Emancipations

We’re very excited to have this conversation and hope to see some of you out there. It will be my first SCMS, and I look forward to connecting with the game studies community at this conference.

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