Guest Lecture at Whittier College

After a weekend in LA of participating in the Ms. Fembot Edit-a-Thon + Hack-a-Thon and the 2015 Art + Feminism Wikipedia Edit-a-Thon at LACMA, I am excited to present a guest lecture at Whittier College called “Lady Bodies, Lady Brains: Feminine Robots, AI, and Avatars in Video Games” on Monday, March 9. This talk is associated with the “Numb3rs in Lett3rs & Fi1ms” undergraduate course taught by Professors Mark Kozek (Mathematics) and Rafael Chabrán (Spanish), and is open to the Whittier campus. I’ll be discussing how femininity warps the digitization of subjectivity because of the all the cultural baggage people bring when they invoke it. From sexy fembots to terrifying artificial intelligences, video games are littered with very old notions of what femininity is and how it behaves. I’ll look at Portal, with its splitting of the feminine subject into a mind (GLaDOS) and body (Chell), as well as the Quantic Dream animation demo “KARA,” which brings out questions of realism, authenticity, and performance on multiple discursive levels.

I’m looking forward to contributing to such a neat class!

Phillips Flier2

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